As most of you already know, I had to put the comic on hiatus.

If you want to hear me talk about the decision in detail, you can listen to this episode of The Paper Wings Podcast: Writing Comics That Engage Your Audience.

I’ll try to explain here as well…


The short version:

I just need more time.


The Long Version:

I spent a year and a half planning, writing, designing and working out my weekly release schedule so I wouldn’t miss an update.

But the thing I didn’t plan for was the fact that I would want to make changes to the story and the designs on-the-go.  And because of the other projects that I have going on: Paper Wings (and yet another unannounced education/inspiration project that has been in development for a year) I realized there was no margin, no wiggle room, in my life for me to make improvements to the comic while it was “on.”

I would have plenty of time during the “off” season to work out the next chunk of the story but I didn’t think about changing stuff during production.

And I absolutely HAVE to make this as good as it can be.


Done Is Not Better Than Crappy:

Those of you who follow my ArtCast know that I’m a big believer in “done is better than perfect” but there’s a point at which “done is not better than crappy.”

Many of you know that one of the first goals of this comic was to prove my ability as a visual storyteller to the entertainment industries.

But as I got deeper into the project, the primary goal became simply to “Tell the best webcomic story possible.”

And that’s just it, although I would love “great designer” and “great storyteller” to be associated with my name, the most important thing right now is doing right by my readers and my characters.

You all deserve the best possible webcomic.  And, simply, I know I can do better.


Stay In Touch:

So I need some time to figure out if I’m going to release this a page-a-week or if I’m going to just do the reMind thing and wait until I’m done with the first book to start posting pages.

So, just subscribe to the Prehistoric Sideshow email newsletter (see the sidebar on this site) or follow me on Twitter and I’ll be in touch.

Feel free to ask me any questions or share your thoughts.


Don’t Worry:

Just in case you’re worried that Tyler “The Big Top” Triceratops and friends are just going to disappear, I can assure you that the story of Greg The Megabeaver MUST be told.  I’m too invested to abandon it so don’t worry.  I just need more time.

Thanks for all your support thus far.

I’ll still need it as I figure this whole thing out…

Love ya.